5 tips for the hotel industry

Tips for the hotel industry?

More and more hotels are opening their doors and courting the favour of travellers. Do you want to stand out from the crowd or just provide a breath of fresh air in your hotel? But you still have no concrete ideas how? Sometimes the solution is easier than you think – that’s why we have summarized five tips for the hotel industry below:

1. Process optimization

Nowadays it is particularly important to stand out from the competition with perfect service. “To have more time for the guests” is the credo. But how do you get this precious time in the stressful daily business? In times of digitalization, it’s actually easy to answer: Use a modern Hotel Property Management System (PMS) for your business and link it directly to your POS system via an interface. This saves you and your team valuable time, which you can invest in your guests instead.

GASTROFIX is continuously working on the expansion of its interface cosmos and already offers connection possibilities to the following partners in the area of PMS:

2. Fast internet

Sometimes a solution is quite simple: Always ensure a fast and stable Internet connection in your hotel. Not only can you work efficiently and smoothly, but your guests will also thank you for it. Especially business travellers take a stable WLAN connection for granted today. Please note that guests are quick to express their displeasure with annoying loading times. If, on the other hand, everything runs flawlessly, the chance of a positive rating and recommendation increases.

3. (Digital) guest folder

Travellers like to keep their own overview. Help your guests to find their way around your hotel. Create a guest folder for this purpose. It should contain all important information about the hotel as well as other exciting offers. This should contain a good guest folder:

  • Presentation of your company, e.g. history, presentation of the team, media reports
  • General house rules and regulations
  • Important telephone numbers (reception, room service, taxi service etc.)
  • Overview about food and drinks
  • Selection of attractive leisure activities (in and around the hotel)
  • Feedback opportunity

Did you already know? More and more hotels are consciously opting for a paperless digital version of their guest folders, for example from our partner Betterspace:


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4. Eco pays

The issue of environmental protection and sustainability in the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry. Nowadays, when choosing their hostel, guests no longer only pay attention to ratings and stars, but also to the ecological footprint of a hotel. After all, 14 percent of German holidaymakers attach importance to a green image. Guests are then also prepared to spend more money on a hotel that demonstrably operates in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment. Ecological commitment can therefore definitely lead to more turnover!

5. Support and personalization

Nowadays, guests also want offers to be tailored exactly to their individual needs. This is confirmed by statistics from Siteminder:

  • More than 80% of the participants in a study would prefer another company if it met their specific expectations and requirements.
  • 87% believe that companies should provide better support.
  • 94 % of the company’s management boards believe that personalised offers are the key to successful customer relationships in hotel marketing.

This means: Get to know your guests better and personalize your marketing! With an all-round POS solution like GASTROFIX, you can store and evaluate all customer data in order to submit individual offers on this basis that are precisely tailored to the needs and wishes of your guests.

Do you have any questions? Then please fill in the contact form. A GASTROFIX employee will contact you immediately and give you tips for the hotel industry.