dispensing systems

What is a dispensing system?

Dispensing systems are mainly used in the catering trade. As a rule, beverages from large storage containers are filled into smaller drinking vessels and thus poured out to the guest. The corresponding dispensing quantity can be set automatically or manually. The best-known manual use of the dispensing systems is probably that of beer taps. Here, especially when pouring wheat beer, some skill is required to conjure up the perfect head of froth on the beer.

Did you actually know that...

… the beer, which is collected in a kind of tub under the cones during serving, is called “leakage beer”? In the past, this waste product was served to those guests who had little or no funds at their disposal. Cheers!

What systems are available?

Dispensing systems are not used exclusively for serving beer. Wine and soft drinks as well as coffee and cocktails can be served to the guests. Portion drinks exactly with it, especially if you are directly connected to the POS system. Many POS system providers, such as we at GASTROFIX, offer the possibility of connecting your POS system to the dispensing system. In general, a distinction is made between two methods of coupling cash register systems and dispensing systems.

Credit procedure:

All articles that are issued in this procedure trigger a so-called “credit in the dispensing system”. This means that the system only dispenses those articles that were previously entered in the POS system. If a service person, for example three cyclists, book with the cash register, the dispensing system releases the quantity of three cyclists for serving at this very moment. Our cash register also supports the use of this procedure.

Debit procedure:

In contrast to the credit procedure, this procedure is more complex: It requires that the employee can authenticate himself via the waiter identification (so-called waiter lock). When using this system, the waiter first records the order of the guests, taps the corresponding beverage order and then enters the order into the POS system. In this case, the dispensing system works as an independent POS system.

Why set up a dispensing system?

But what exactly are the advantages for you as a gastronome if you use a dispensing system in your company? And why should you link the system to your POS system? We have summarised the advantages for you:

  • Save storage space: Huge mountains of beverage crates – passé. Just order a few drums, precisely tailored to the calculated consumption.
  • Automatic beverage cooling: Don’t worry about refrigerators anymore. Reduce your space requirements and lower your electricity costs: dispensing systems have their own integrated cooling system.
  • Profit maximization: The exact dosing of beverages is child’s play with a dispensing system. The loss savings can increase your basal metabolic rate by up to 20%.
  • Simple handling: The bar is intuitive and quick to learn. But if you don’t yet have the right technology for beer, for example, you’ll find valuable tips in this article.
  • Tamper-proof: As a gastronome, always keep an eye on your figures. With a dispensing system coupled to your POS system, you always have full control over the quantities dispensed during operation.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in integrating a dispensing system into your POS system? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you!