One of the leading web- and cloud-based point-of-sale system running on Apple iOS devices such as the iPod, iPad or iPhone is now available as a white label and re-branding solution. Licensing your own professional, individual brand cash solution in a few weeks. Make or Buy? The choice is simple!


  • Create your “own” Point of Sale / POS product line – instantly!
  • Realize immediate ROI without development costs (R & D)
  • Get a tailor-made, fully equipped, professional checkout system for your branch / country
  • Take advantage of new features, up-selling options that are constantly added by the contributions of all other private label partners and thousands of our customers (updates  are generated almost parallel to current GASTROFIX updates.)
  • OEM interface solutions for equipment and vertical market solution providers
  • Trainings for administrators and developers are available
  • Round-the-clock 2nd-level support for White Label partners
  • Take advantage of the API and a growing eco-system that will be stronger with each new OEM partner and end customer

Point Of Sale

Wireless orders and payments

App-based POS terminals

  • First hardware investments are only a fraction of the costs compared to current POS systems
  • The technology supports an unlimited number of devices with full synchronization
  • Designed for professional catering processes with intuitive design and simplicity
  • Software interfaces with mobile payment devices (credit / debit card) and sales units


App-based POS terminals

Cloud-based back-office

  • Convenient handling of master data in a cloud-based back office
  • Complete reporting with interfaces to F & B, Accounting, hotel software, etc.
  • Real-time overview of all important transactions, data and business reports as well as instant backups
  • Available anytime, anywhere via web browser

Quick facts about our POS technology platform

  • White Labelling / re-branding of the cloud and app side
  • Reseller and branch-specific customization for customer-specific POS
  • Runs on any web browser (responsive design, works on any PC, Mac And all tablets with mobile web browser)
  • Supports Apple iOS hardware (iPad, iPod, iPad mini, iPhone)
  • Includes a complete customer management system in the cloud for each private label partner
  • Supports your own domain for user login
  • Supports a variety of POS peripherals (Bon printers, cash registers, vending machines, drink dispensers, scales, customer displays, …)
Die iPad Kassensystem Cloud

Other features seamlessly integrated into the registry cashbox functionality

  • Branch and branch control
  • Customer database with full credit and EC capabilities
  • Customer loyalty and voucher management

Supports the full market in gastronomy and retail – worldwide!

  • restaurants
  • Diners
  • Over the counter sale
  • canteens
  • Full service restaurants
  • retail trade
  • Fashion
  • service
  • etc. …

Superior technology designed to grow fast

  • Unlimited scalability with each client (number of sales points, terminals, printers …) with full online synchronization between the connections
  • Unlimited scalability of the number of clients / partners / countries (already available in 5 languages)
  • Easily customizable for various whitelabel / OEM scenarios
  • Extremely powerful, extensible data models and structures that are capable of handling all segments (restaurants, retail, service) of POS
  • Unique transactional model and handling for both inter-line synchronization and synchronization with the cloud
  • Live backup & fast-paced guest check as well as Big Data availability
  • Supports multi-currency / multizone scenarios in a single client / client


See our references here.
Visit the websites of the selected Whitelabel partners and request a demo or an offer via whitelabel@gastrofix.com!

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