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Make your customers pay easily and conveniently.

Interface Integration Status:


100% = The integration of the interface is completed.
90%   = The integration of the interface is in a test phase.
70%   = The integration of the interface is currently under development.
60%   = The integration of the interface is planned and is being prepared.


TWINT has developed the first digital wallet that guarantees security according to Swiss standards. All major Swiss banks are represented in the system and have their own TWINT app. This is directly connected to the bank account or credit card. The apps are encrypted with a PIN, so no other people have access to them.

Gastronomers and their guests benefit from numerous functions: In addition to attractive marketing tools such as coupons and stamp cards, customer cards can also be stored in the system.

Paying with TWINT is child’s play: Get your smartphone out, scan QR code with the app, confirm and the transfer is done. There are fair prices and conditions from the supplier.

GASTROFIX & Till Integration TWINT

The GASTROFIX till system offers integrations to many innovative payment systems. With the payment integration to TWINT, you offer your guests an easy way to pay by smartphone. This saves time and personnel.


Digital coupons and stamp cards make customers even more eager to buy.


TWINT guarantees security according to Swiss standard.

Technical Specifications

Name and Version:• depends on banking provider
Section:payment via app
available since App-version:2.11.3
available since Cloud-version:2.11
Requirements:• TWINT Feature
Data Exchange:one-way communication (out)
Partner connected via:App
Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


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