Kassensystem Schnittstellen Reservierung resmio

The guest management solution for your restaurant.

Interface Integration Status:


100% = The integration of the interface is completed.
90%   = The integration of the interface is in a test phase.
70%   = The integration of the interface is currently under development.
60%   = The integration of the interface is planned and is being prepared.


resmio, based in Nürnberg (Germany) is an online reservation system especially for restaurants. The company has built up a customer base of more than 10,000 customers. resmio is not a portal solution, but all data from your restaurant is loaded into your own database. You alone then make the decisions.

Reservations are usually made via your company’s website. With resmio you can also accept and manage reservations via Facebook. All guest informati on is stored in your guest database, which gives you information about allergies or other preferences of your guests. Your guests can give you feedback while you increase your turnover through targeted marketing campaigns.

The basic version of resmio is free of charge, but if you add further features there are monthly costs, but no costs per reservation.

GASTROFIX & Till Integration resmio

The GASTROFIX till system offers several integrations to innovative reservation systems. With the integration of resmio into your till system, you have a professional evaluation at your fingertips, with which you can monitor the development of your guest numbers and the capacity utilization of your restaurant at all times.

Optimal guest management

Learn more about your guests and customize your marketing.

Technichal specifications

Name and version:
Section: Reservation
Available since app version: 2.12.12
Available since cloud version: 2.15
Requirements:No requirements
Data exchange:One-way communication (out)
Partner connected via: External API
Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


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