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Safely accept card payments.

Interface Integration Status:


100% = The integration of the interface is completed.
90%   = The integration of the interface is in a test phase.
70%   = The integration of the interface is currently under development.
60%   = The integration of the interface is planned and is being prepared.


iZettle is a Swedish company specialising in the development of modern payment services and applications. The iZettle Reader supports all major EC and credit cards as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Guests can receive the invoice voucher directly or by SMS or e-mail. Transaction costs of 0.95% for EC cards and 2.75% for all other cards and invoices are incurred during the payment process.

The iZettle Reader has fast card reading and a long battery life. In addition, the reader complies with the highest safety and industry standards. In the event of misuse, for example in an attempted manipulation, the card reader automatically becomes unusable.

GASTROFIX & Till Integration iZettle

The GASTROFIX till system offers interfaces to many innovative payment systems. By integrating iZettle, your employees save time as the payment process is accelerated and your guests are even more flexible. The iZettle Reader is connected to your till system via Bluetooth.

No training required

Follow the steps after switching
on and you can start.

Long active use

With only one charge you can
use the device for 8 hours.

Technical Specifications

Name and Version:– iZettle Reader
Section:SDK for card reader
available since App-version:2.15
available since Cloud-version:2.15
Requirements:– iOS 8
Data Exchange:one-way communication (out)
Partner connected via:App
Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


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