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Interface Integration Status:


100% = The integration of the interface is completed.
90%   = The integration of the interface is in a test phase.
70%   = The integration of the interface is currently under development.
60%   = The integration of the interface is planned and is being prepared.


FoodNotify is considered a pioneer in the digitization of the food industry and food data, with a focus on the gastronomy. Since its foundation in 2014, the IT company has been developing comprehensive digital administration solutions. For example, there is an independent ordering platform with direct connection to retailers. Or the digital cookbook for creating and managing recipes including LMIV labelling. Everything is handled purely digitally and thus very simply and efficiently – as are merchandise management and menu design. In addition, FoodNotify networks and synchronizes gastronomes, retailers, suppliers and producers 360° with each other. And is also active in the consulting sector: Companies in the food industry in the D-A-C-H area are advised and supported in the digitalisation of their work processes. In this way, existing efficiency and success potentials are fully exploited.

GASTROFIX & Till Integration FoodNotify

The GASTROFIX POS system is connected to the merchandise management system via interfaces. By integrating FoodNotify into your POS system, you can check and optimize your inventories from anywhere. You have an overview of your goods usage, contribution margin calculation and the daily updated prices of your suppliers with only a few clicks. Inventories are done in an uncomplicated way, time and costs are saved. 

Efficient recipe management

Optimize recipes, menus and merchandise management.

Technical Specifications

Name and Version:
Section:pms system
available since App-version:2.15
available since Cloud-version:2.15
Requirements:no requirements
Data Exchange:bidirectional communication (in/ out)
Partner connected via:External API
Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


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