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Interface Integration Status:


100% = The integration of the interface is completed.
90%   = The integration of the interface is in a test phase.
70%   = The integration of the interface is currently under development.
60%   = The integration of the interface is planned and is being prepared.


The Till Integration Cubilis is an online hotel software from the Belgian provider Stardekk. With nearly 10 years of experience, Cubilis has over 3,000 customers in more than 44 countries. The cash register interface to Cubilis can be used to connect many different booking channels and it is very easy to manage. The aim of the provider is to make Cubilis easy to use and to keep Cubilis at no extra cost per reservation.

Cubilis Channel Manager is the ideal tool to manage availability and prices via your booking channels. This saves you a lot of time. The Cubilis Booking Engine is a booking module for your own hotel website. It has a secure connection and is also a commission and transaction-free reservation module.

GASTROFIX & Till Integration Cubilis

The GASTROFIX till system offers numerous integrations to pms software (hotel software). With the integration of Cubilis, you as a hotelier always have an overview of all bookings, can manage them at the same time and thus increase your turnover.

Simply use

No precious knowledge is required.

Save cash

No commission or transaction costs.

  • Checkout - Features

    Enabling or activating the Cubilis interface

    GASTROFIX Cubilis
  • Hotel API Settings

    Defining the Hotel API

    GASTROFIX Cubilis
  • Payment Method Cubilis

    Determination of your own details

    GASTROFIX Cubilis
  • Finances - Payment Mothod

    All available payment types at a glance

    GASTROFIX Cubilis
  • Cubilis on the iPad

    The created Cubilis button is highlighted in yellow, which you can select now

    GASTROFIX Cubilis
  • Cubilis on the iPad

    The interface now searches for rooms to book on one

    GASTROFIX Cubilis

Technical Specifications

Name and Version:
Section:pms system
available since App-version:2.12.12
available since Cloud-version:2.15
Requirements:• Generic Hotel API Feature
• Customer Database Feature
Data Exchange:one-way communication (out)
Partner connected via:App
Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


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