Third edition restaurant digital world

Third issue of Restaurant Digital World

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Emotional reading material for restaurateurs and hoteliers: the trade magazine Restaurant Digital World enters its third round. With a focus on the handover of operations. In addition to interviews and background reports, the official successor schedule of the HWR Berlin provides concrete support for the separation. Also in the magazine: everything about the controversial “Kassen-Nachschau” (cash register review).

Topic preview of the GASTROFIX magazine

To whom do I hand over my business? Every gastronomer and hotelier is confronted with this elementary question at some point in his professional life. Reason enough for the editors of Restaurant Digital World to bring the topic to the title under the motto “Next Generation Gastro”. Among others, star chefs Oliver Röder and Daniel Schmidthaler as well as Alexander Dressel, President of Jeunes Restaurateurs in Germany, will have their say.

How to pass on your life’s work properly

In addition, the magazine examines the question of what women do differently than men when they hand over the baton and why the female gender is still under-represented when the company is handed over. Andreas Beuster of the restaurant Seensucht explains again that only his son came into question as a successor. And in an interview Prof. Dr. Birgit Felden from the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin reveals why children of good entrepreneurs are not automatically also good entrepreneurs. The official successor schedule is the ideal guideline for all those affected.

The gastronomy of the future

Apart from the main topic, the regular “Gastronomy 4.0” section provides an insight into the latest developments in the industry. In addition to Self Ordering & Co.’s triumphal procession, which is slowly gaining momentum in Germany as well, this time it is also about the already notorious “Kassen-Nachschau” (cash register review), which has allowed the tax authorities unannounced visits to restaurants since January 2018. One example from Hesse, on the other hand, shows how sceptical gastronomy employees were about digital checkout systems just five years ago. Also: new apps and tools as well as book tips for restaurants and hotels.

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The trade magazine Restaurant Digital World is aimed at modern restaurateurs and hoteliers. RDW3 is now also available as e-paper and print copy. Publisher is GASTROFIX, a leading iPad cash register provider based in Berlin.