Succession is female

Women’s power at “Romantik Hotel Spielweg”

The supposedly weaker sex is becoming increasingly present in the management floors of German medium-sized businesses: According to the Institute for Medium-Sized Business Research, one in five companies is now managed by a woman. This positive development could also continue in the gastronomic sector: In the next few years, some 4,000 business transfers will take place in the hospitality industry alone. We interviewed two sisters who have just taken over their parents’ business on the subject of  “Succession is female”.

Takeover of a traditional company

In 2017, Viktoria and Kristin Fuchs took over the Romantik Hotel Spielweg in the Black Forest from their parents. Remarkable: They are the first female management duo in the company’s history. Since the company has existed since 1891, this is a small sensation.

Succession is female

Weibliche Nachfolge

The Fuchs sisters: Viktoria (left), Kristin. Picture: Romantik Hotel

Kristin Fuchs had always had a rough direction, as she told us in an interview. It was clear early on that she wanted to gain a foothold in the hotel and gastronomy sectors. The passion for it gripped her during a work and travel stay in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There she worked in a restaurant in Banff and soon knew that she enjoyed the contact with the guests in combination with the positive stress. She then studied in Germany to get to know her business background.

Victoria Fuchs, on the other hand, knew as a child that she wanted to let off steam with her creativity in the kitchen. From an early age she was fascinated by working with unique products and culinary delicacies.

Thus the sisters both laid the foundation stone for a later joint takeover of the family business at a young age. However, the Fuchs children were never forced by their parents, as Kristin Fuchs emphasises. Afterwards, the familiarization phase by the parents lasted three years, because the handover was not supposed to happen ad hoc.

Why are women the better successors?

So it was clear that after five generations a change would take place and the female offspring would take the helm. Kristin Fuchs is also convinced that a little bit of pragmatism is important for the job. Women would be a step ahead here. Men often think too much of themselves, preferring status symbols. The Fuchs girls, on the other hand, tend to be down-to-earth, like to go hiking and walking and do not attach any importance to cars or other prestige objects.

Drei Generationen weibliche Nachfolge

Three Fuchs generations united: father, daughters, mother and grandmother. Picture: Romantik Hotel

What does the future look like?

The Fuchs sisters already have big plans for the future: major renovation work is planned at the head office – relocation of the laundry, new toilets and a lounge, reconstruction of the reception area. All these measures will be implemented during the next two years.

In addition, things will also change in the digital sector: A new homepage will be online soon. In addition, a travel guide app is planned that will also function as a digital guest folder. And perhaps in a few years there will be a supporting programme for the guests with a triad of sport, hiking and culinary delights. So it won’t be boring in the Fuchs company for the foreseeable future.