POS Network

GASTROFIX POS Systems offer you a secure network, which is encrypted to banking standards and allows a smooth operation under maximum safety conditions. We can install your network for you — directly on site.

POS Networks from GASTROFIX: trouble-free & secure


Encryption to banking standards

Auto Backups

Secure backup–automatically stored in the cloud


Synchronization of all devices in a network

Structure of the GASTROFIX network © GASTROFIX GmbH

Setup & individual network settings

We will gladly take over the management of your network installation for you. The network settings are configured by our technicians when you set up your operation. You have the choice: Do you want to save the sales data in the cloud or would you rather not? Decide for yourself which data should be stored in the cloud.

You can edit the following settings in your back office to manage the backup in the cloud:

  • Shift (company day)
  • Journal
  • Print jobs
  • Manage bills
  • Clients
  • Time and Attendance
  • Support

Your data is securely stored in your GASTROFIX cloud. In your restaurant or hotel, you can set up a separate, encrypted wireless LAN network specifically for the GASTROFIX POS system. The order terminals communicate encrypted with the secure WPA2 security standard. Your local router that has your Internet connection (Wi-Fi) installed is connected to the cloud. The connection to the “POS router” is used to synchronize with the terminals you need in the day-to-day business process. This includes your iPad or iPod as well as your stationary and mobile printer. All your data is stored in your GASTROFIX cloud by synchronizing with your end devices.

Closed network & permanent backups

To ensure the security of your data, your connection takes place in a closed network. There is no risk of data loss: Permanent backups ensure that your data can not be lost – you can rely on GASTROFIX’s networks.

All data to and from the cloud is encrypted via SSL (the same security standard as for online banking) and stored in German data centers on our own GASTROFIX servers and again encrypted.

You do not need an internet connection to operate your restaurant or hotel. GASTROFIX runs for hours, days or weeks without an Internet connection. Only the convenient master data management and the comprehensive evaluations of the Cloud / Web-based backoffice are only available with an Internet connection. X and Z reports are also possible at any time from any cash terminal in your local W-LAN.

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