Our mission is to open up an entire world – the world of tomorrow, where you can control all the tools from a system at any time and with all your devices. Do you already work with Datev, Oracle or do you have a dispensing facility? Then you do not want to work with a variety of different systems, but with a complete solution.

This is exactly what is possible with GASTROFIX, because we see ourselves not only as a cashier, but also as a service provider for the gastronomy of tomorrow, where you control your gastronomy – from a single system.

Gastrofix Schnittstelle - Buchhaltung


Gastrofix Schnittstelle - Hotelsoftware

PMS Systems

Customer Marketing

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Integrations Automated Beverage Dispensers

Automated Beverage Dispensers


Employee Scheduling


GASTROFIX offers you interfaces to the market leaders in hotel software (Oracle, ibelsa,  protel and others), merchandise management (DATEV, necta …), dispensing systems (WMF), accounting (sage, abacus), shift planning (Planday, gastromatic) Payment (SumUp, Zapper ™ …), reservation (Menu, Resmio) and customer marketing (sell & pick). Many other interfaces are under development, so that you can control your gastronomy with GASTROFIX all-encompassing. Not all interfaces are available in all countries, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Perhaps we can also integrate new interfaces, which are not yet implemented yet, for you. We hope that your catering business will be even better and will fully meet the complex requirements of digitalisation! 15,000 customers worldwide already benefit from the integration of the various interfaces. What can we do for you?

Are you ready for GASTROFIX?