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Automated Beverage Dispensers and Coffee Machines can easily be integrated into your GASTROFIX POS. We offer integrations to the following solutions:

  • Supports all popular checkout controls
  • E-protocol, addimat protocol, universal credit protocol
  • Fewer sources of error
  • More time for your guests
  • High degree of automation
  • All protocols support the credit process

GASTROFIX integrates into Automated Beverage Dispensers

Please note:

Some integrations are location-specific and may not be available in every country. Please contact us to find out which ones are available in your market.


Gastrofix Dispenser

Since July 2013, GASTROFIX has been supporting the following Gastro protocols for vending control systems. Amongst other things:

  • coffee makers
  • bar joist
  • Cocktail Machine

These are used in many restaurants. In principle, one differentiates between two methods for the coupling of POS systems and POS systems with dispensing systems.


In the case of the widespread credit process in the catering trade, all articles which are to be issued via the dispensing system or coffee machine are subject, called “credit in the dispensing system”. This means that only the items which are entered and bon- ched into the cash register can be removed from the dispensing system. As an example, three cups of coffee are served by a waiter on the GASTROFIX system via an iPad or iPod touch. Now exactly three cups of coffee can be removed from the coffee machine. After that the output will be blocked again.


Das Debit-Verfahren setzt voraus, dass das Ausschank-System über die Möglichkeit der Kellner-Identifizierung (Kellnerschloss) und ein Numpad zur Eingabe der Tischnummer verfügt. Denn hier werden die Bestellungen direkt auf der Schankanlage entnommen und an das Kassensystem übertragen. Die Schankanlage arbeitet sozusagen als eigenständige Kasse – dies ist komplex einzurichten und macht eine Mehrwege-Kommunikation notwendig. GASTROFIX unterstützt zurzeit nur das Kredit-Verfahren.

system layout

Nearly all dispensing systems are still controlled via serial interfaces (RS232). Therefore, the GASTROFIX intelligent device server is required as a “converter” between the LAN / W-LAN world and the RS232 protocol.

The “GASTROFIX Intelligent Device Server” is controlled by the POS system as an additional bond printer. All products that are to be released via this server for the connected dispensing system or coffee machine must be entered as an additional bond printer.

Translation table: PLU to product number

Often, the PLU numbers of the dispensing systems and the internal product numbers of the dispensing system are not identical, so the GASTROFIX PLUs can be translated into the dispensing system product numbers via a 1: 1 translation table in the GASTROFIX POS system (more precisely the device server). (E.g., 130 = 75, i.e., PLU 130 is reported as a credit release for product number 75 to the dispensing system). If a number is not included in the translation table, the PLU is reported to the dispensing system without modification (ie 1: 1).

remote maintenance

The GASTROFIX intelligent device servers are independent computers with their own IP (under which they are also controlled as “bond printers”) and can be controlled and adapted at any time by GASTROFIX technicians via a special VPN procedure (also through any firewall or any other) Router through).


GASTROFIX supports the following providers / protocols (Status September 2017):

protocolsused bynote
E-protocolsSchankomat, WMFcredit only
Addimat-protocolsAddimat AG, Switzerlandcredit only
Universal-Credit-protocolsDrinkoteccredit only (No Intelligent Device Server required)

Note: Often there are different “dialects” of a standardized protocol. Sometimes the number is expected to be three, sometimes four. Sometimes a fixed machine number is expected, sometimes it has to be omitted. Often not even the technicians know exactly what format the dispensing system is expecting and the right format has to be elaborated.

Integration of the vending control to the cash register: always a small project

The installation of a dispensing system is already very expensive. A technician of the dispensing system provider and a GASTROFIX technician must be present on site in order to link these two very different systems and test the releases. The adaptation from the POS PLU to the dispensing product number is also usually carried out and tested here. (Which means, for example, that each article to be released must be bonnetated at least 1x and removed from the dispensing system).Pro shank bar / coffee machine can be expected with at least four technician hours.

Required components per dispensing system

It may be possible to connect several shaving bars one after the other, such as:

  • GASTROFIX Intelligent Device Server (LAN / W-LAN)
  • Software charge dispensing system interface

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