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PICTURE: „St. Pauli Weinladen“ © Hannes Cunze, 2017

„We have more than 200 different wines on offer. Due to the size of our portfolio and the integrated shop, it is important that the backoffice is user-friendly. With GASTROFIX, we can rely on a POS system that keeps track orders as well as our top sellers.”

Managing Director„St.Pauli Weinladen

Next-Gen POS Systems for Retail

As you concentrate on your customers, we take over the rest! With the GASTROFIX POS System, you not only optimize your business processes, but also have much more time for your customers. Whether retail, bakery or hairdresser – the GASTROFIX POS System includes all the features you need so you can fully concentrate on your business. Use the POS System for your business!

This is how GASTROFIX can make your everyday life easier:

You concentrate and focus on your customers, we will take care of the rest! Not only can you optimize your business processes with the GASTROFIX POS System, you will also have more time to spend with your clientele. Whether you own a retail store, bakery or hairdresser salon – the GASTROFIX POS System includes all the features you need to support your business and allow you to focus on areas that really require your attention.

The GASTROFIX POS Systems for Retail adapts to your needs. Regardless of the size or type of company, GASTROFIX offers various functions such as:

  • Practical ordering function
  • Reservation function

Retailers such as the „Weinhaus am Markt“ and „Loftis Friseur“ are proponents of the GASTROFIX POS System. The iPad POS System from GASTROFIX is known for its flexibility, ease and speed of use.


  • GASTROFIX has been developed by POS experts and encompasses all relevant functions and features that a professional POS requires
  • Fully offline-capable iPad POS system (no switching required)
  • Backup: All data is backed-up in the cloud minute-to-minute
  • Unlimited real-time synchronization across an unlimited number of devices
  • Fully-configurable payment-methods, i.e. Cash, Credit Cards (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoicing, Employee Consumption, Breakage & Ullage
  • GASTROFIX gives you a flexible license without the long contracts. Order your POS license on a monthly, weekly or day-by-day basis

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