POS Systems for Restaurants

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GASTROFIX is the perfect checkout system for fine-dining restaurants, casual restaurants or breweries. The GASTROFIX iPad POS System replaces conventional, PC-based, POS systems at a fraction of the cost and complies with all the last tax laws and guidelines.

POS Systems for Restaurants & Hospitality

The market is flooded with providers of POS systems. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by having over 20 years of experience in the industry and being able to provide a fully “offline-capable” solution. This means that you can use the GASTROFIX POS system, even if your location is not connected to the Internet.

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, a small country, inn, a kebab-store or are a Michelin-Star Chef – GASTROFIX offers a professional solution for every kind of hospitality unit. Customers such as the “Fillet of Soul” or the “Landhaus Scherrer” rely on our system on a daily basis. Use a mix of our stationary, mobile and quick-service versions of our App to best suit the needs of your individual location. You pay for the hardware and licenses and we help you setup your wireless LAN – personally and on-site. We will show you how to configure the graphical table plan and show you how your new GoBD-compliant POS system works.

Since every restaurant’s operation is different our POS has to meet the most diverse requirements and thus the GASTROFIX POS system is tailor-made. Our experienced staff will advise you via telephone or in personal and provide you with professional consultations regards which components you will need. Do you have a beverage dispensing-system that needs to be integrated with your POS? No problem. Find out which dispensing systems GASTROFIX supports.

Depending on your operation, you may benefit from taking a more flexible licensing plan and we offer daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal licenses at fair prices. Save money, avoid long contracts and pay only for what you use.

Mobile Ordering & The cloud-based Backoffice

Thanks to mobile ordering, sales volumes can be increased and operational efficiencies achieved as orders arrive taken table-side are sent directly to the printer in the kitchen or bar. In this way, orders can be processed quickly and with efficiency, you may even save some money in personnel costs.

If you happen to not be on property, you can access your daily and monthly sales in real-time with the GASTROFIX cloud-based Backoffice. This is easy to do and allows you to keep an eye on revenues, cost-control and performance with very little effort.


  • GASTROFIX has been developed by POS experts and encompasses all relevant functions and features that a professional POS requires
  • Fully offline-capable iPad POS system (no switching required)
  • Backup: All data is backed-up in the cloud minute-to-minute
  • Unlimited real-time synchronization across an unlimited number of devices
  • Fully-configurable payment-methods, i.e. Cash, Credit Cards (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoicing, Employee Consumption, Breakage & Ullage
  • GASTROFIX gives you a flexible license without the long contracts. Order your POS license on a monthly, weekly or day-by-day basis

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