POS Systems for Hospitality Chains


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Next-Gen POS Systems for Hospitality Chains

When we refer to branch management, we mean that an entire chain of hospitality units can be managed conjointly and in unison across several branches. Keeping an overview of your hospitality portfolio, it’s performance and centralized data management is a breeze with the GASTROFIX POS system!

Whether your chain is based on restaurants, bars, a café concept, bistros, food trucks or snack bars; you are well aware of the efforts you must excerpt to keep all units in line with your product and brand stands. We offer you a solution that can optimally assist you in managing your franchise operations. Whether you wish to just centralize reporting to keep oversight or implement centralized product and pricing policies, this is all possible using the GASTROFIX POS system. You have access to over 60 meaningful reports and can even let the information of all business units flow into single reports. Integrate your operations and automate your accounting processes by integrations into DATEV!

This is how GASTROFIX makes your life easier every day:

With branch management within the GASTROFIX POS System, you will always have an overview of all your stores at a single glance. The restaurant chain Effe & Gold has been making use of this for a long time using GASTROFIX. Your hospitality chain dashboard allows you to view sales across all articles within the group, categories, pricing, revenues and more and best of all, you can make changes via the cloud-based Back Office from literally anywhere in the world and at any time. Centralize product assortment, screens, pricing, tax-rates and our system will do the rest – no need for you to do anything at store-level.

In addition, GASTROFIX offers customer loyalty and gift card programs in different formats. These cards can be used at your different stores and discounts, vouchers and internal payment methods can be redeemed via QR code.

Take advantage of GASTROFIX POS’ comprehensive branch/chain management module to manage your units.

Further Advantages of GASTROFIX POS Systems

  • GASTROFIX has been developed by POS experts and encompasses all relevant functions and features that a professional POS requires
  • Fully offline-capable iPad POS system (no switching required)
  • Backup: All data is backed-up in the cloud minute-to-minute
  • Unlimited real-time synchronization across an unlimited number of devices
  • Fully-configurable payment-methods, i.e. Cash, Credit Cards (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoicing, Employee Consumption, Breakage & Ullage
  • GASTROFIX gives you a flexible license without the long contracts. Order your POS license on a monthly, weekly or day-by-day basis

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