POS Systems for Coffee Shops & Bistros


PICTURE: „Café von der Motte“ © Hannes Cunze, 2017

“The GASTROFIX POS System  is ideal for both catering and cafe operation. Intuitive usability makes it easy to work with the cash desk and manage data. I always keep track of orders and can easily make changes. And the statistical possibilities are also great! “

SILKE SCHLESSELMANN, Managing Director of the Coffee Shop “von der Motte”

Next-Gen POS Systems for Coffee Shops & Bistros

The GASTROFIX iPad POS System helps you to easily stay organized in your café or bistro. In addition to the intuitive interface which allows you to get going with little to no training, you can create over 60 meaningful reports that help you discover more insights about your café or bistro.

The GASTROFIX iPad POS System with interactive dashboards

The GASTROFIX iPad POS system is used by cafes like the “Barista Cats” and the “Linden Café” who are convinced about the benefits that our system provides in keeping them organized during peak times and being able to keep track of key performance indicators via the 60 plus meaningful reports.

Every one of your employees will benefit from the iPad POS system by keeping an overview of every order in the system. This can be recorded both in front of and behind the counter. The intuitive design and operation of the system allows you to get temporary employees up to speed immediately and with little to no training.

Not only do we make life easier for you in dealing with your financials, but we can also help improve your operational efficiencies and the performance of your employees in your café or bistro. Our interactive dashboard will allow you to see all your sales figures at a glance.

Mobile Ordering

It is also possible to expand your GASTROFIX POS capabilities by allowing your staff to order mobile using hand-held devices. Quickly create an order template and graphical table layout and connect your mobile device to our network. Let your guests order that piece of cake right from the comfort of their table and the production ticket will pop out where required for you to cut down service-times. You can also utilize the DATEV export feature, to send data straight from your POS to your accounting software.

Integrated Customer Loyalty & Other Interfaces

GASTROFIX offers you the possibility to integrate customer loyalty, gift cards, coupons and vouchers into your operation so as to best suit your café or bistro. Use and reload values onto gift cards or apply rebates via QR code. Your customer retention will increase, as will your sales. In addition, we offer interfaces to integrated customer relationship marketing software, employee scheduling, inventory management and other support features.

Convince yourself of the power that GASTROFIX provides! We will make your life easier, starting with the first ordered cup of coffee!


  • GASTROFIX has been developed by POS experts and encompasses all relevant functions and features that a professional POS requires
  • Fully offline-capable iPad POS system (no switching required)
  • Backup: All data is backed-up in the cloud minute-to-minute
  • Unlimited real-time synchronization across an unlimited number of devices
  • Fully-configurable payment-methods, i.e. Cash, Credit Cards (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoicing, Employee Consumption, Breakage & Ullage
  • GASTROFIX gives you a flexible license without the long contracts. Order your POS license on a monthly, weekly or day-by-day basis

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