POS Systems for Catering & Canteens

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Next-Gen POS Systems for Catering & Canteens

For events and canteens of all sizes, GASTROFIX offers you a stable tray system that meets your requirements. The iPad POS System is your perfect companion for any catering or canteen. The practical ordering system app allows you to deposit and collect your menu. Keep track of orders and appointments so you have more time for your customers.

Often it happens that the inventory has to be carried quickly into the transport wagons and transported to a new location, in order to leave it after a short time. The GASTROFIX cash register system for catering and canteens offers an easy-to-carry and more stable alternative to classic cash registers. Already many Cafés, which offer catering, successfully use the GASTROFIX Kassensystem. This includes, for example, the Cafe “Von der Motte”.

Take advantage of Apple’s handhelds (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) as well as wireless, attached, mobile and stationary printers that work independently from the power supply and can be easily transported from A to B.

Stress because of the construction and the training is now an alien word! After you have stretched your network at the event, you can immediately start boning and cashing. The training of the employees and temporary staff can also be handled quickly and easily using the checkout system, so that they can operate the system flawlessly in the near future.

Perfect equipment included

Particularly in the case of canteens and caterings, it can be frantic, so that one or the other water droplets can come into contact with the appliances. But in order to prevent such cases directly, GASTROFIX provides protection for the Apple devices: the Supratex protective sleeves made of durable and water-repellent ENKALON nylon fabric can be trusted.

With the GASTROFIX POS Systems you are perfectly organized and have everything in view! Through the interactive dashboard, you can see the status of current sales figures, the most sold products, and the order history of future orders at any time, anywhere. In addition, you do not need to worry if you do not have a stable Internet connection because the GASTROFIX POS System is available both online and offline.


  • GASTROFIX has been developed by POS experts and encompasses all relevant functions and features that a professional POS requires
  • Fully offline-capable iPad POS system (no switching required)
  • Backup: All data is backed-up in the cloud minute-to-minute
  • Unlimited real-time synchronization across an unlimited number of devices
  • Fully-configurable payment-methods, i.e. Cash, Credit Cards (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoicing, Employee Consumption, Breakage & Ullage
  • GASTROFIX gives you a flexible license without the long contracts. Order your POS license on a monthly, weekly or day-by-day basis

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