Data Security


All sales are compliant with GoBD regulations in accordance with the latest regulations of the financial authorities.


You can also work with a GASTROFIX network in case of Internet failures.


Your data is SSL-encrypted in German data centers with double redundant servers.

Protected data in the local network of a gastronomy establishment (W-LAN network)


Protected data in the local network of a gastronomy establishment (W-LAN network) © GASTROFIX GmbH, 2017

Data security: highest standard

We are setting up a separate, encrypted wireless network in your restaurant only for the GASTROFIX cash register system. The order terminals communicate encrypted with the secure WPA2 security standard.

Every transaction of a device (order, payment, cancellation, …) will be synchronized with all other devices in the network in a few seconds. Thus, in the case of multi-user applications, all data are repeatedly redundantly redundant (ie, double and triple). If a device ever fails, all data on the other devices is completely present. In addition, all data will be immediately transferred to the cloud for an existing Internet connection, even if you want to.

Offline-capable: no permanent internet connection necessary

You do not need an Internet connection to operate your restaurant. GASTROFIX runs hours, days and weeks without Internet connection. Only the convenient master data management and the comprehensive evaluations of the Cloud / Web-based backoffice are only available with an Internet connection. X and Z reductions are possible at any time from any cash terminal in your local W-LAN.

Once an Internet connection is available, all data is encrypted (SSL security standard) synchronized with your personal cloud. (We also have customers who do not already have an internet connection, for example, at your restaurant opening, which is also possible without any problems, just working through the local WLAN network all day long. Where the Internet is available, and the current day shift is available in the cloud for evaluation a few minutes later.

The 16GB storage capacity of the smallest iPad configuration is sufficient to store over 20 years of article-specific order and transaction data. Sales data is much smaller than pictures, music or videos!

Protected data in the local network of a gastronomy establishment (W-LAN network)


safe data in the cloud © GASTROFIX GmbH, 2017

The Cloud - what does it actually mean?

The storage and evaluation of data no longer takes place exclusively on the user side (eg on the own hard disk or the server), but also centrally at GASTROFIX. Over the Internet, where you do not have to worry about location, hard disk, disk space, or regular backups, no software needs to be installed or kept up-to-date. We take care of everything and pass on the cost and benefit advantages to you through your personal cloud.

Fail-safe: double redundant servers

For your security, GASTROFIX operates two identical server clusters. These are spatially separated in German data centers with separate power supply and multiple Internet connections.

Thanks to this dual server structure, all data is constantly mirrored on the second server. If the first server fails, the second server immediately jumps in. In addition, each of these two servers has redundant, H. Duplicated hard disks, so the failure of a hard disk does not cause any impairments or data loss.

Maximum data security through SSL encryption

All data to and from the cloud are transferred via SSL encrypted (same security standard as for online banking) and stored in German data centers on their own GASTROFIX servers encrypted.

GASTROFIX fulfills the strict German legal regulations on data protection, especially the relevant provisions of the Telemediengesetz and Telecommunications Act as well as the Federal Data Protection Act.

Your data belongs to you & they are available for you at any time

Your data is available to you anytime, anywhere: on the one hand, all transaction data ever generated are always stored encoded on all iPads and iPods used; on the other hand, the data is transferred to your personal cloud within seconds with an existing Internet connection. There, you can export your transaction data in GoBD-compliant format at any time with a mouse click in a CSV or Excel table and also backs up locally at home.


Millions of data records are transmitted to and from the GASTROFIX cloud via SSL-encrypted (the same security standard as for online banking) and stored in encrypted data centers in Germany on their own GASTROFIX servers.

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