Gastrofix News Update No. 1
October 2019

Dear hogaFUTURE readers,

Whether as a blog post, social media post or press release: We at Gastrofix have a lot to tell and spread our news on different channels.

In order to help you find all the interesting stuff in one place, we have now launched the Gastrofix News Update, a regularly appearing overview with the most exciting news about our company.

Sort of a newsletter, but without the annoying e-mail.

The News Update is published here at regular intervals as a blog post. Thus you are always up to date regarding Gastrofix. All News Updates are classified under the category “News”. So you can always find them quickly (again).

We hope we can bring you a little closer to our company, our brand and our product. Now we hope you enjoy reading the first issue!

Your Gastrofix social media team

TSE: Teaming up with Epson

The upcoming new law for POS systems in Germany called “Kassensicherungsverordnung” is keeping us and all other POS system providers in suspense right now. The new, strict regulations, which will apply from 1 January 2020, are intended to make tax evasion more difficult by manipulating the cash register and are therefore to be supported absolutely. At the same time, this means some effort for us, since the crux of the matter – a technical safety device called “technische Sicherheitseinrichtung” (TSE) – is anything but easy for cash register providers to implement. We are therefore quite proud to present the first TSE for iPad POS systems together with our partner Epson.

Aloha Hawaii! Gastrofix at Ironman 2019

The Ironman in Hawaii, the official triathlon world championship, will take place this year on 12 October. Also present: the Road Stop boss and long-time Gastrofix customer Carsten im Brahm. He “accidentally” qualified for the Ironman and is right in the middle of preparing for the competition. We talked to him.

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Wanna visit the South Seas? Become a customer and win a Hawaii trip!

You want to go to Hawaii? Then pay attention now: In line with the sponsorship of Carsten im Brahm, we are giving away a 15-day (!) trip for 2 (!!) persons to the Ironman 2020 (!!!) in Hawaii to all new customers who sign with Gastrofix until 12 December 2019. Total value: approx. 7.000 Euro! Unfortunately the legal recourse is excluded, so we ourselves are not allowed to participate. Boo! We are very sad about it, but we prove sportsmanship and wish all participants a lot of luck.

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Food truck fantasies

At the end of September we were guests at the ROKA in-house exhibition, Europe’s largest exhibition for street food vehicles. At our stand, food truck fans learned why Gastrofix is the ideal POS system on the road. Of course we also had a special offer in our luggage for all ROKA customers. It was great, we’d love to come back again!

New series on Facebook & Instagram

Who actually works for Gastrofix? Well, there are now over 140 colleagues from all over the world. To make sure that everyone gets his 15 minutes of fame, we have launched a new series Facebook and Instagram. Every week, you´ll find a new portray. Have a look. But be careful: We are not top models!


What would the Gastrofix POS system be like without our developers from Berlin and all over the world who work every day to make it better? Exactly: outdated pretty quickly. If you want to know more about our tech geeks and their work, you can find them on Twitter (@tech_gastrofix). Or you can visit the tech platform “Medium” and read the amazingly entertaining written reports of our colleagues. Current example: How we could accelerate the release of our app updates massively and finally leave Sisyphos behind us.

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App update 2.33

At the beginning of September we released the updated Gastrofix app version 2.33 in the App Store. Works even better now!

Any questions? Suggestions? Criticism?