Kitchen Display Systems

What the GASTROFIX kitchen display can do

The kitchen monitor of GASTROFIX displays all orders virtually on one monitor. The software is installed on commercially available tablets, adapted to individual processes and can be used at one or more positions in the kitchen. This enables every employee to see the current status of the preparation and to update it with a single touch.

The communication among each other is significantly improved. Paperwork, process chaos and high noise levels in the kitchen are finally a thing of the past!

High end kitchen monitoring

Kitchen monitoring digitally maps the entire ordering process between guest, service and kitchen. This optimises processes and makes them more efficient for service and kitchen.

Alarm & Timer-Function

Shorter waiting times for your guests! With the alarm function you don’t miss a thing anymore and you can see exactly how long a guest has been waiting. This brings clarity to your kitchen.


Kitchen monitors protect the environment, because you no longer have to print out every order and thus save the cost of expensive receipt rolls.

  • Clear summary of all orders

    With the GASTROFIX kitchen monitor, orders on the kitchen passport are easily recognisable and clearly structured.

  • No more waiting for guests

    Red, yellow, blue: With the GASTROFIX kitchen monitor you always have an overview of how long a guest has been waiting for his order.

  • Rush function: Prioritize urgent orders

    If you have to hurry: With the “Rush” and “Priority” functions, urgent orders can be preferred immediately with one touch.

  • Everything at a glance

    All ordered items are automatically listed in a separate menu.
    This makes it much easier to keep track.


  • Delivery as a complete package.
  • Pre-installed on 14 and 21 inch tablets.
  • Integrates seamlessly into the GASTROFIX system.
  • Almost unlimited expandability.
  • Monitors can be used especially in canteen kitchens at different stations.

Are you ready for GASTROFIX?