modern payment systems

Cross-industry debate on cash Cash has been available as a means of payment in many countries for several years now. Yet hardly anyone insists on coins and notes as much as the Germans (84% according to one study). But the rigid posture begins to crumble: Today, the younger generation in particular prefers to pay with […]

Professional music concept in gastronomy

How can the choice of music in gastronomy have a positive effect on guest satisfaction? What tips are there for restaurateurs regarding the choice of music? Music choice in the catering trade therefore as topic with GASTROFIX: An interview with Thomas Weigel, Shareholder with Ketchup Music. Why do hotels and restaurants need a professional music […]

9 steps to your own food truck

9 steps to your own footruck: What you need to know about it Creating your own food truck is easier said than done. The culinary concept and the financing are ignored – what steps must one take in the meantime from the simple plan on paper to the first sold burger, burrito or vegan cake? […]