Tips for top gastronomy: Picture shows a lobster

Oh, everything could be so beautiful in culinary Germany: Never before has the Guide Michelin awarded more restaurants in its current edition. At the same time, ambitious high-flyers like Thomas Imbusch in his 100/200 Kitchen or Billy Wagner at the Nobelhart & Schmutzig with new gourmet concepts. So everything good on the cooking front? By no […]

5 tips for the hotel industry

Tips for the hotel industry? More and more hotels are opening their doors and courting the favour of travellers. Do you want to stand out from the crowd or just provide a breath of fresh air in your hotel? But you still have no concrete ideas how? Sometimes the solution is easier than you think […]

dispensing systems

What is a dispensing system? Dispensing systems are mainly used in the catering trade. As a rule, beverages from large storage containers are filled into smaller drinking vessels and thus poured out to the guest. The corresponding dispensing quantity can be set automatically or manually. The best-known manual use of the dispensing systems is probably […]

Cash register for your iPad

Cash was yesterday Whether pop concerts, sporting events or other major events: Many stadium operators are already using cashless payment systems. Why? Card payment enables faster processing of the payment process. On average, this means that up to two and a half additional customers can be served per minute. Payment by card only takes four seconds. […]

merchandise management

Optimization of merchandise management in your gastronomy Basically, all restaurateurs have to deal with the subject of merchandise management. It does not matter whether it is the manager of a large system restaurant or the owner of a small snack. Because: A smooth merchandise management guarantees for all that food and beverages can be offered […]

ordering technology

When will the order process revolution arrive? Mc Donald’s demonstrated it in 2016 and first installed self-ordering kiosks as an additional ordering option in selected restaurants. Even if the terminals in the USA or the Netherlands have become indispensable. In Germany, digital ordering technology is still waiting for its breakthrough. According to Gastrofix-CSO Stefan Brehm, […]

key figures

The 7 most important key figures for restaurateurs Basically, a regular evaluation and analysis of the most important key figures is of elementary importance for every restaurant business. By the way, it doesn’t matter how large the business is: whether a snack bar, restaurant or franchise chain – the same key figures have to be […]

modern payment systems

Cross-industry debate on cash Cash has been available as a means of payment in many countries for several years now. Yet hardly anyone insists on coins and notes as much as the Germans (84% according to one study). But the rigid posture begins to crumble: Today, the younger generation in particular prefers to pay with […]

calculate and optimize the menu

How to calculate and optimize the menu Every year again… No, this time it is not about the Christ Child, but one of the most annoying but also most important topics for every (prospective) restaurateur: the annual pricing of the menu. How do you calculate your prices? What causes you special headaches? Not everyone is […]

Increase and optimize your processes

In the second part of our series “Operation optimisation in the catering trade”, the focus today is on how you can optimise processes and increase your turnover with simple means. Have you always wondered what makes your competitors better than yourself? Or are you already the clear No. 1 and want to make your guests […]