5 tips for the hotel industry

Tips for the hotel industry? More and more hotels are opening their doors and courting the favour of travellers. Do you want to stand out from the crowd or just provide a breath of fresh air in your hotel? But you still have no concrete ideas how? Sometimes the solution is easier than you think […]

dispensing systems

What is a dispensing system? Dispensing systems are mainly used in the catering trade. As a rule, beverages from large storage containers are filled into smaller drinking vessels and thus poured out to the guest. The corresponding dispensing quantity can be set automatically or manually. The best-known manual use of the dispensing systems is probably […]

Cash register for your iPad

Cash was yesterday Whether pop concerts, sporting events or other major events: Many stadium operators are already using cashless payment systems. Why? Card payment enables faster processing of the payment process. On average, this means that up to two and a half additional customers can be served per minute. Payment by card only takes four seconds. […]

cash register review

The necessary evil? These were alarming figures with which the German Federal Audit Office caused a sensation in 2015: according to the financial controllers at the time, 10 billion euros would escape the tax authorities every year through cash manipulation. And this only in the so-called cash-intensive sectors, which also include the catering trade. In […]

Succession is female

Women’s power at “Romantik Hotel Spielweg” The supposedly weaker sex is becoming increasingly present in the management floors of German medium-sized businesses: According to the Institute for Medium-Sized Business Research, one in five companies is now managed by a woman. This positive development could also continue in the gastronomic sector: In the next few years, […]

Third edition restaurant digital world

Third issue of Restaurant Digital World Our new magazine is here! Request your personal copy now and read the latest news about the gastronomy and hotel business. Emotional reading material for restaurateurs and hoteliers: the trade magazine Restaurant Digital World enters its third round. With a focus on the handover of operations. In addition to […]

best of market

What a pleasant surprise on the eve of Internorga. GASTROFIX was awarded the coveted “BEST of Market” reader prize at a festive gala on 8 March. The POS system prevailed in the category “Digitization – Product” and is therefore, according to the organizer B&L MedienGesellschaft, one of the best on the market in 2018. Readers […]

Partnership with Epson
merchandise management

Optimization of merchandise management in your gastronomy Basically, all restaurateurs have to deal with the subject of merchandise management. It does not matter whether it is the manager of a large system restaurant or the owner of a small snack. Because: A smooth merchandise management guarantees for all that food and beverages can be offered […]

ordering technology

When will the order process revolution arrive? Mc Donald’s demonstrated it in 2016 and first installed self-ordering kiosks as an additional ordering option in selected restaurants. Even if the terminals in the USA or the Netherlands have become indispensable. In Germany, digital ordering technology is still waiting for its breakthrough. According to Gastrofix-CSO Stefan Brehm, […]