Your iPod as a POS? GASTROFIX is the most powerful point-of-sale system for all verticals in the hospitality arena.

iPad Kassensystem Funkbonieren

Use your iPod as a fully-fledged order terminal (equivalent to classic wireless devices such as Vectron POS, Mobile Pro, Orderman etc.) and expand your POS system with stationary iPad terminals or elegant iPad minis, which can be used in conjunction with our branded belt-pouches.

iPod-based POS systems represent a new market segment in the POS market for hospitality units. According to market research, PC POS systems have over the past 15 years, been able to conquer a significant market share especially in the area of upscale restaurants and the hotel industry.

GASTROFIX is the only supplier of iPad-based POS systems that stems out of this era and gained experience during the first revolution of the cash-register market. During this time, we installed more than 15,000 restaurants and clients such as Pizza Hut, Deutsche Lufthansa, McDonalds as well as thousands of small and medium-sized restaurants. The GASTROFIX demo app for iPod, iPad & Co. is available for free in the app store.

GASTROFIX is the only one of the few providers to offer a fully-fledged back office solution in the cloud, where you can check current sales and revenues in real-time, make changes to the menu and pricing and even adjust floorplans. Modern cloud technology paired with Apple devices results in a powerful and inexpensive POS solution.