Our GASTROFIX iPad® POS System

With industry know-how of over 20 years and more than 15,000 installed POS systems, GASTROFIX offers one of the world’s leading hospitality software solutions, where the iPad replaces classic cash registers. IPod touch, iPad mini or iPhone can be added at any time as mobile hand-held terminals (equivalent to classic wireless hardware such as Orderman, Vectron POS Mobile etc).

Our system of course includes a fully-fledged Floating Guest Check functionality in which tables can be utilized in real-time across devices. Access and customization to the menu or floorplans can be managed from any browser with our cloud-based Back Office at any time and from anywhere.

Restaurants with dozens of stationary POS terminals and mobile hand-held devices are not a rarity for us. Single Terminal counter-service terminals start at 59 Euro per month and include a full range of services including our cloud-based Back Office. Request a non-obligation quote or consultation and see how the next generation of hardware will make POS operations easier than ever before!

  • Professional room and table plans for a better overview
  • Unlimited scalability with real-time synchronization across devices
  • Increased operational efficiency for servers utilizing mobile hand-helds
  • Accept Card payment directly at the table without ever leaving the guest’s side
  • Easy and intuitive to use – without training!
  • Affordable hardware and cheap monthly rates
gastrofix kunde cafe

Professional POS for iPad® with many additional features

GASTROFIX offers you a comprehensive set of analytical tools in its cloud-based Back Office in the form of management dashboards and sales and revenue reports for effective decision-making. Mobile ordering is included. A modern and inexpensive iPad® POS and wireless system which is future-oriented and a professional yet affordable solution for restaurants, restaurants, cafés, delivery services, bistros, bars, bakeries, quick-service restaurants, snack bars, pastry shops and caterers. The cost of such a mobile and flexible POS system is low, thanks to inexpensive and stylish hardware from Apple® (iPad®, iPod®, iPhone®). The contract can be terminated quarterly at any time. Due to our DATEV interface as well as financial compliance with GoBD (including the validation documents), hospitality units can rest assured that they will also be covered in the future. The GASTROFIX POS system runs on Apple® iPad®, iPod® and iPhone devices and has been developed by hospitality experts with over 20 years of POS industry experience. Our POS software further provides a variety of interfaces to beverage-dispensing systems, coffee machines, inventory management system, hotel PMS systems, mobile card payment solutions (like  Sum Up) and more.

“I found the GASTROFIX iPad POS very good from when I first laid eyes on it, but have also taken the time to make comparisons with other systems on the market. This has really highlighted how solid and professional the system works with GASTROFIX.”

Thorsten Ehlers, Marktpirat