Mobile hand-held ordering: now easy & inexpensive

Until now, the advantages of radio ordering (“radio order system” or “mobile ordering“)

were only reserved for larger companies with a high investment power. To put it in to perspective, most hand-held devices cost between 1,500 and 3,000 € and the return-on-investment simply did not make sense to smaller businesses.

Now the iPad® POS from GASTROFIX allows hospitality businesses to use mobile hand-helds at a fraction of the above price: 200, – instead of 2.000, – € in terms of one-time hardware costs (for example iPod Touch® or iPad mini ™ ) and only 39 € / month licensing for each hand-held device:

  • Low purchase costs (eg 200, – instead of 2.000, – € for a hand-held device
  • Hardware purchase, hardware lease or use your own Apple® products
  • Increase your sales and reduce costs by using Apple® iPods® or iPhones®
  • Ideal for large operations and terraces: improve operational efficiency by cutting down server travel distances and allow them to focus on their guests
  • Customize fast-moving items, table plans etc., all perfectly tailored to function flawlessly on mobile devices
iPad Kassensystem Funkbonieren

New! Take mobile card payments table-side and directly with the guest using our seamless integration with Sum Up. Accept EC and credit cards and print the receipts remotely to the nearest thermal printer or let your servers use a mobile belt-printer.

Die iPad Kassensystem Cloud

Background knowledge: The „mobile ordering principle“ with a „wireless order system“

Mobile radio handhelds and wireless ordering systems (including classic providers such as Orderman or Vectron) offer the consistent implementation of the „mobile ordering principle“. Using the GASTROFIX POS system: equip your most trusted and best trained server with a handheld device and you will find that these employees will be able to always be ‘at the guest’s side’. Not only will you be able to take orders and payments remotely, you will find that your staff will be able to make better recommendations and have time to upsell. By eliminating server walk distances, you will be able to stream-line the number of servers required without detrimentally affecting service. Clear and precise order tickets will allow your front-of-house to communicate guest needs to the kitchen and other back-of-house areas without additional verbal explanation such as:

From which table comes the order

  • From which table comes the order
  • For which seat is exactly the order
  • Which food and drinks should be delivered

All that remains is for the server to print the bill on his/her mobile belt printer or the nearest receipt printer and get ready for the next table-turn.