Employee Time & Attendance

GASTROFIX has an integrated employee-time recording module. This allows you to track time attendance of every employee — from the waiter to the auxiliary flushing force.

GASTROFIX Employee Time & Attendance

Cost savings

No extra costs for additional modules, as time recording is included

All Employees

Working hours of all employees can be recorded — even if you are not working with the POS system

Full control

Record working times in minutes and assign different admin rights

Via the GASTROFIX cash desk, the employee logs in with his four-digit employee number and returns to the service. Likewise, breaks and resting phases can be documented. An individual receipt printout can be set up on the receipt printer.

Reported Staff details:

  • The name of the employee
  • Time of commencement of work and end (minutes) business
  • The total working time
  • Device on which the working time has been recorded

Manage all your staff and keep a record of total hours worked including for the cook, cleaner and admin assistant who do not normally have access to the food ordering functions on the POS.

From the Cloud Back Office of GASTROFIX, users can be managed with different access rights to features. In addition you can evaluate staff performance from the reports.

Minimum Wage & Employee Time & Attendance

The minimum wage has been in place for many years and is very prevalent in the restaurant industry. The statutory minimum wage determines a basic hourly wage for all employees and also stipulates the recording of these hours for all staff. GASTROFIX simplifies the recording and documentation of working hours for all staff with the employee’s time recording module.

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