Customer Loyalty with your iPad Checkout

Get to know your customers better and create extra revenue. It’s quite simple with our modules Customer-Loyalty with Customer-Database and the Voucher-Administration. Applications are for example:

  • Track customer-behavior (Customer-data are stored with each payment)
  • Discount cards (percentage or absolute discount per payment)
  • Vouchers / Voucher Administration
  • Customer-invoices (Your accounting provides the customer at a later time with all accrued accounts receivable through the GASTROFIX cloud)
  • Customer database

    Customer accounts can be created and edited. Simple customer search makes it easy to find customer data quickly.

  • Guest Loyalty

    Customers are assigned to a payment process. The creation of customer invoices or tracking of customer behavior is thus possible.

  • Using Customer Database offline

    Customer data is stored locally and automatically synchronized with the cloud as soon as an Internet connection is available.

  • Multiple addresses

    Any number of addresses with standard and billing.

  • Customer cards with QR code

    Each customer account can be identified by a QR code. The GASTROFIX app includes an integrated QR code scanner.

  • Customer Cards

    Scan these QR codes in the demonstration mode of the GASTROFIX app.

  • Interdisciplinary Customer Base

    All customer accounts are synchronized via the cloud with all the branches of an operator. Data inconsistencies are thus avoided. It is thus possible to settle accounts across all branches.

  • Customer data in your cloud

    Customer data can also be managed in the cloud. Changes are automatically transferred to all cash desks.

  • Customer group discounts

    A rebate can be assigned to each customer group,
    which is then automatically applied to billing.

  • Yovite! Activate voucher

    Yovite! Simply activate vouchers with the GASTROFIX checkout now.

  • Recharge credit

    Vouchers and customers can be provided with credit on the spot.

  • Check credit

    Give the customer information about his credit directly at the cash desk.

Customer Loyalty

The GASTROFIX App contains the paid module Customer-Loyalty. This module allows you to capture customer-data and evaluate. Applications are:

Terms of reference

  • Customer-Database is available on all iPad devices available (iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air)
  • Customer-Loyalty allows the settlement accounts receivable. Customer bills have a separate number range billed to the customer through the cloud in any set period.
  • Customers can be generated in any number of branches (even offline)
  • Customer-Cards with QR-codes can be read with the GASTROFIX App
  • Customers can be filtered by to the following terms: Customer-number, Name, Phone-number, E-Mail, Address
  • Branch eligible Customer-Database with central database in the cloud
  • Customer loyalty is available both in check-out mode and table-oriented mode
Test it!

Scan the QR code on this customer card with the demo app!

Customer Database

Starting point for all Customer-Loyalty options is the Customer-Database. All customer-data are brought together in the cloud and are available at all branches of an operator.

Changes in a branch are transmitted to all businesses via the cloud. The Customer-Database also works locally without an internet connection. The data are cached locally and automatically synchronized after reconnection.

The following data are being recorded for each customer:

  • Customer-number
  • Customer-group
  • Company
  • Position
  • Salutation
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birthday
  • Gender (female, male, unknown)

In addition, any kind of information, such as:

  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Websites (URLs)
  • Social networks

Voucher Management

Vouchers are an efficient tool to tie your customers even better or to excite new customers for your restaurant and/or your offer. That’s why our Customer-Loyalty module offers a powerful Voucher Administration too.

  • Create and manage your own vouchers
  • Take advantage of QR codes or numbers for identification
  • Provide and credit vouchers and customers optionally inside your operation
  • Vouchers are always re-charge and therefore longer usable
  • Vouchers are available across branches (e.g. buy in the store in Berlin and then redeem in Munich)
  • Charging, checking and Blocking of vouchers directly in the checkout possible
  • Create your individual evaluations with the Restaurant Manager
  • Interface to the popular coupon provider Yovite!

The following data is collected per customer:

  • Customer number
  • Customer group
  • Company
  • Position in the company
  • Salutation
  • Title
  • First given name
  • Surname
  • Birthday
  • Sex (male, female, unknown)

As many information as you wish, such as:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Websites (URLs)
  • Social networks

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