Chain Management with GASTROFIX is very simple

While classic cash registers and PC checkout systems have to be upgraded and are very expensive for the management of restaurant chains or branch offices, it is very simple with your GASTROFIX-iPad POS system:

Your advantages of Chain Management

Central control

Manage all operations centrally from one location

Thousands of branches

An unlimited number of stores can be integrated and controlled

Individual reports

Instant overview of the numbers of each branch

  • All your transaction data (orders, payments, table sales, waiter billing) are available for you in the Restaurant Manager
  • No investment in a central communication software is necessary
  • With our branch management, no complicated setup and maintenance of automated data transmission is necessary
  • No classic central PC required: With GASTROFIX, you can access your evaluations and reports at any time, from anywhere (with any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone)

Over 60 reports can be combined with thousands of filters

Over 60 pre-made reports such as orders, articles, waiters, sales, product groups, journal etc. leave nothing to be desired. These can also be combined with powerful filters.

The following branch reports are available

  • Orders per item per store
  • Orders by product group per store
  • Sales per branch Revenue by VAT rate per store
  • Sales by account type per store
  • Revenue by discount per store
  • Sales by day per branch
  • Sales by weekday per store
  • Sales by day and billing method per store
  • And many filters for individualizing reports (such as tables, waiters, transaction types, discounts, weekdays, cost centers, etc.)

Specially adapted or new & individual reports GASTROFIX basically stores every transaction (order, payment, reversal, …) including all relevant parameters as a single transaction in a high-performance database (PostgreSQL) so that no pre-accumulation of data is made. In principle, every conceivable report can be generated from the stored transaction data even after years. The report is made by a powerful generator, which allows the creation of any reports by drag & drop. This generator has been used to create all existing evaluations, which are already standard in your GASTROFIX checkout system. It is easily possible for special customer requirements – especially for operators of branch chains – to create special reports in individual layouts.

Are you ready for GASTROFIX?