Cash register for your iPad

Cash was yesterday

Whether pop concerts, sporting events or other major events: Many stadium operators are already using cashless payment systems. Why? Card payment enables faster processing of the payment process. On average, this means that up to two and a half additional customers can be served per minute. Payment by card only takes four seconds. Especially during such major stadium events, it can be hectic behind the counter, so that stadium operators and personnel are dependent on a cashier system that enables fast and efficient work.

How POS systems help

With flexible POS systems, operators of stadiums can not only work more efficiently. A tablet POS system that covers more than just payment transactions offers many other advantages:

Minimize waiting times for visitors

By connecting the POS system to various innovative payment systems, you enable your customers to make cashless payments with various cards. This makes the payment process simpler, more variable and faster for the customer. This makes everyday life easier for many guests and your service personnel and eternal queues are a thing of the past.

Increase personnel efficiency

Integrated employee scheduling not only helps you to digitize your company. Thanks to intuitive operation, new employees can also operate the POS system quickly and easily.


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Optimum stockpiling

A convenient interface to existing CRM tools enables comprehensive analyses and targeted marketing. With our restaurant manager you have a cash register evaluation with over 60 different, clear evaluations in which your figures are graphically prepared and therefore easy to understand.

Well disposed towards financial auditor

Since the beginning of 2018, there is an important legal change which is also legally valid for stadiums and arenas. As a result, every checkout process must be recorded, stored and archived electronically and in a tamper-proof manner. All records must be able to be submitted to the auditor in electronic form. But that’s not all: The operating and programming instructions for the POS system must be stored and can also be viewed at any time.

Convert cash register now?

The operators of stadiums and arenas should check in detail whether their current POS system permanently meets the legal requirements. The figures for the arenas of the German Soccer League serve as an example: In the 2016/17 season, almost 900 permanently installed stadium kiosks – equipped with thousands of cash registers – were in use in the catering area of the First and Second Bundesliga. And don’t forget: Also stationary cash registers in the arenas and fan shops, where the merchandising articles are sold, have a cash register system in use and are open independently of the match days.

Customers and tax authorities are pleased

So far, the practice on the subject of “payment processing and recording” has been very different. Nevertheless: Especially when using cash, tax inspectors are sceptical – the temptation to smuggle money past the tax authorities is high. With a modern cash register system, you are guaranteed on the safe side. Then you can sit back: As a cash register provider, we support you in making your business tax-compliant.

From experience we can also say: stadium operators who have already retrofitted their cashier are happy about the increased service quality for the customer. The fast payment process is convincing, short queues significantly improve the stay in the stadium.