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Your digital cash book

No more lost closing receipts! Use the digital possibilities. Log your cash reserves easily with the cash register system from GASTROFIX.

We will support you on this complex issue and also advise you on site and free of charge. This means that you can put your customised cash register solution with digital cash book into operation as quickly as possible.

No more
little bits of paper

Quick and easy creation of your own custom digital receipts for cash payments: Everything is secured electronically, meaning that closing receipts, for example, are no longer lost.


Digitalise your accounting: Keep an eye on your cash reserves at all times. Conveniently check all data in the cloud at the same time.

Intuitive & therefore
easy to understand

Very easy to use: an intuitive application within your GASTROFIX system.


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  • Cash accounting made easy

    Tidy, intuitive, user-friendly and always in compliance with the tax authorities:
    This is the cash ledger feature of GASTROFIX.

  • Clear presentation of the reason for your cash withdrawals

    Simply select a reason for cash withdrawal in your day-to-day business so that you have all the information you need at a glance. Using the GASTROFIX cash ledger, you can enter your cash withdrawals in detail.

  • Add photos & receipts

    With the practical photo function, you can easily take a picture of your receipt and assign it directly to the respective booking.

  • Clear summary of each process

    The practical summary allows you to check your entries once again and correct them if necessary.

  • Informative daily overview of your processes

    With the cash ledger overview, you always have an overview of all daily actions.

  • Traceable transactions in the cloud

    Choose the reasons for the cash withdrawal from the predefined selection options or create them yourself. Simple and straightforward!

  • Dashboard: A complete overview – anytime & anywhere

    Weekly and monthly statistics available at the click of a mouse. Including the weekly and monthly distribution of sales – broken down by weekdays and settlement types.


What is a cash book?

A cash book is a recording aid in the form of a ledger. It therefore includes all cash transfers (income, expenses, deposits and withdrawals) within your catering or hotel business.


For a transaction with a large amount of cash payments (e.g. pubs, kiosks), documentation is of great importance. In an audit, the tax authorities will therefore be interested in the cash flows because of the potentially high capacity for manipulation. In an audit, proper cash management will result in more confidence in the accuracy of the entire accounting – rather than numerous files full of receipts. In addition, the possibilities for the businessperson themselves to check the cash flows are much higher if they place high demands on cash management.

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