Reduce personnel costs with GASTROFIX Reduce personnel costs with the help of a cash register system? Many restaurateurs do not even know that with a modern POS system such as GASTROFIX. They can not only settle accounts, but also reduce personnel costs simply and effectively. With the help of the integrated restaurant manager in the cloud, […]

Professional music concept in gastronomy

How can the choice of music in gastronomy have a positive effect on guest satisfaction? What tips are there for restaurateurs regarding the choice of music? Music choice in the catering trade therefore as topic with GASTROFIX: An interview with Thomas Weigel, Shareholder with Ketchup Music. Why do hotels and restaurants need a professional music […]

9 steps to your own food truck

9 steps to your own footruck: What you need to know about it Creating your own food truck is easier said than done. The culinary concept and the financing are ignored – what steps must one take in the meantime from the simple plan on paper to the first sold burger, burrito or vegan cake? […]