GASTROFIX POS API for Developers & Partners

The GASTROFIX 360 Degree approach: Our POS API features are one of the most advanced Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) in the market, allowing 3rd party solution providers from all industries to connect easy and seamlessly to our Point of Sale System (POS). Our highly scalable cloud services offer an ever growing set of easy to implement API endpoints based on JSON, XML and other standard interfaces.

GASTROFIX API Documentation

Getting Started

If you are new to the GASTROFIX Restaurant Management API you should first visit the Getting Started section. You will be learning about how to get an account, how to make your first calls to the GASTROFIX API and about the underlying data model of our API.


If you already know about the basics and now want to start implementing your first use cases you might find some useful examples in the Tutorial PDF. We will explain our API, based on some real-life examples.

API Documentation

Looking for an endpoint in our API that fulfills your needs? Please register first, then proceed and browse our API Documentation referencing the whole set of available features. Try it by either using our test restaurant setup or using the credentials of your own application.

GASTROFIX API Registration

No matter if you have traditional components for Hospitality and Restaurants or you have cloud-based solutions which need to get transaction data from the POS or need to hand over data to our modern cash register system – just register below and become a GASTROFIX-partner:

You offer an exciting service or app with which you are already successfully established on the market and want to become a GASTROFIX API partner? Then please send us further information to We are looking forward to your inquiry!