Our brand new API Platform offers an advanced and seamless experience for both partners and customers. Starting the development process has never been so easy – and third party integrations are just a click away. We use modern and scalable last generation API services and offer an impressive portfolio of JSON serving endpoints. Our API services cover a wide array of business operations which are constantly growing.


If you already know about the basics and now want to start implementing your first use cases you might find some useful examples in the Tutorial PDF. We will explain our API, based on some real-life examples.

API Documentation

Looking for an endpoint in our API that fulfills your needs? Please register first, then proceed and browse our API Documentation referencing the whole set of available features. Try it by either using our test restaurant setup or using the credentials of your own application.

Benefits of using Open API


free registration and test setup


Start development immediately with a demo restaurant

short response time

scalable and reliable

quick and lightweight

utilizing latest generation solutions

sell your integration right away

our customers can start using your software as soon as you are finished with developing.

white-label support

your integration is available to our white-label partners.


After filling in the registration form you’ll get an email with your credentials and further instructions. These credentials will allow you to access a test cloud restaurant with the API section activated. You will find the API section by clicking on the rightmost tab in the Cloud. If you are new to the GASTROFIX API, you should first visit the ‘Getting Started’ section, which you can find in the ‘API for developers’ menu. There you will learn how to make your first calls to the GASTROFIX API. Any additional questions you might have are answered in our FAQ, also provided in your test account. 

Our API documentation describes the underlying data model of the APIs and is attached to every API we have in the ‘APIs and Tokens’ section. There you can find all the endpoints and descriptions for JSON fields we offer.

Whether you are offering a cloud-based service around the hospitality and restaurants or a mobile app, just register above and you will get a full set of tools for a seamless and stable integration. From getting the transactions data both in real time and on demand to managing the inventory or sending the orders to the POS – everything is possible!

You offer an exciting service or app and finished the integration? Then it is time to talk about co-marketing. We support our partners via different types of media. You’ll find more on this in our FAQ section after the registration. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You offer an exciting service or app with which you are already successfully established on the market and want to become a GASTROFIX API partner? Then please send us further information to We are looking forward to your inquiry!