GASTROFIX Produktrange Hardware API

Getting Started

You are new to the GASTROFIX API and want to learn how to get on track fast. Just read the following sections one by one and you will be up and running in less then 15 minutes.

  • Account management
    Learn how to sign up and get access to the GASTROFIX API
  • API subscriptions and credentials management
    Learn how authentication works for the GASTROFIX API
  • Invoking the API
    Learn how to try the GASTROFIX API using the integrated API Console

With this basic knowledge you should be ready for real life examples. Move on to the Tutorials.

Account management

Self sign-up

To create an account use the Sign-up link.

Approval process

To access data for a specfic restaurant chain you need to get the approval: please ask a GASTROFIX representative to get access. After approval you will be able to access all APIs and restaurant chains access is granted for.

API subscriptions & credentials management

API subscription

After account approval you will note that several Gastrofix APIs are visible under the APIs menu. List of available API depends on your account permissions. You can click on the API to open the API page where you can choose subscription options and click Subscribe button. You are now successfully subscribed to the API. You can view list of active subscriptions at the My Subscriptions page.

Before invoking it make sure that you have access credentials (tokens) as described in next section.

API credentials management

The Gastrofix API authenticates client applications based on the access token. Depending on your account role you are authorized to access the data of one specific restaurant chain or multiple restaurant chains. More details on how to signup and manage your account can be found in the section Account Management.

To generate the access token go to the My Subscriptions page and click the Generate keys button. You can set token validity period (24h by default).

Whenever you make a call to our API you need to put the access token to the headers of your request. The API will validate the access token and check if you have access to the requested API resource. When the authentication and authorization check was passed successfully the API forwards the request to our backend system.

API environments

Gastrofix operates two environments. One is called the sandbox environment which can be used to develop and test your integration. The second system is the production environment. When a request comes to the API, it checks whether the requesting token is of type production or sandbox and forwards the request to the appropriate backend.

Invoking the API

API Reference

In the API Console you could find list of API methods including their URLs, parameters and short descriptions. To download API definition in Swagger (OpenAPI) format click Swagger link in API Console.

Testing API from API Console

Before you can start using API, ensure that you have generated API credentials as described in API subscriptions and credentials management.

Let’s invoke the API using the integrated Swagger-based API Console. Click the API and open its API Console tab. Select sandbox or production environment and ensure that authorization header is set. Now you could expand any API method, provide the required parameters and click Try it Out button. After API call is complete you will see API response body and headers as well as curl request syntax to try it from command line.

Learn more about GASTROFIX here.