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The GASTROFIX POS-system in practice

The GASTROFIX-Restaurant

So, what does a GASTROFIX system solution look like in practice? Let us introduce you to our GASTROFIX-Restaurant. This example may show you which components you might need for our system and how the stationary iPads, mobile iPods, the routers and the printers are set up.

Our restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating with a beer garden, 200m² usable area: 70 seats inside and 50 seats in the beer garden. Guests will be on 30 tables (22 tables indoors, 8 tables in the beer garden). We suggest the following set-up:

Example Room-Layout


Number# Device Usage
2 iPad "Stationary" iPad-POS
3 iPod Touch Mobile order-terminals
2 Printer Bon- und Rechungsdrucker an Bar/Tresen
2 Kitchen printer For the kitchen
2 WiFi-router For indoors and beer-garden

The GASTROFIX Room-Designer

With the unique GASTROFIX Room-Designer creating table-layouts of your restaurant is easy and ensures perfect workability for the staff. But see for yourself:

The GASTROFIX Room-Designer
The GASTROFIX Room-Designer

In the Restaurant

After installing the stationary iPad POS system, wireless router for wireless data transmission and reciept printer your GASTROFIX POS system is ready for use. Thanks to the intuitive design of the POS app the staff can start working immediately. And here we are:

Room-Layout on POS
In the Restaurant