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Data Security with GASTROFIX

Data-protection is just as important for us as it is for you. Below is a summary of the most important facts about this topic:

I. The data in your business-operation (LAN/Wireless)

Data Security - the highest standard

In order to ensure the best data security and integrity, we utilize an independent, encrypted Wi-Fi network dedicated to your GASTROFIX POS-system. The ordering devices thus communicate in an encrypted fashion directly with the secure WPA2.

Transactions conducted on a device (order, payment, cancellation etc.) is synchonized with all other devices on the network within seconds. Thus in multi-unit settings there is often multiple redundancy being secured (twice or three times over). Should a device fail, all data is fully available on any of the other devices. Should you be interested in utilizing your internet connection to connect to the Cloud, all data can be stored within a few seconds.

Reliability - no permanent internet connection required

You do not require an internet connection to run your operation. GASTROFIX runs for hours, days and weeks without an internet connection. X-Reports and Z-Reports can be run directly from your local network and do not require internet connectivity. The main comfort of having a live internet connection is that data maintenance can be easily performed, dashboards viewed and changes made to the cloud's web-based backoffice can be pushed through to the devices located on the local wireless network.

Whenever an internet connection becomes available, all encrypted data (SSL security standard) are synchronized with your personal cloud. We have numerous customers that operate their restaurants using the local WiFi and daily or weekly upload their data to the cloud when they take home their iPad.

Legal Compliance - No worries with the tax authorities

All transactions and financial data captured in the system is in accordance with the latest German regulations for the Tax Department's GoBD compliance for both the local iPads and the Cloud.

II. Your data in the GASTROFIX Cloud

Reliability - Dual redundant servers

GASTROFIX currently operates two identical, yet geographically separated servers in Germany. The advantage of this is that power or internet issues in one area, will likely not influence and be mitigaged by having an identical set of data in an area that is unaffected.

The double-structured servers are constantly mirroring each other. In case of a failure on one server, the system defaults to the second server. In addition to the geographical separation, each server also has dual hard-drives so that the failure of a hard drive will not cause damage or a loss of data.

Maximum Data Security - via SSL Encryption

All data transmitted to and from the cloud is SSL encrypted (the same standards as those used for online banking). The servers in the German data centers are likewise on encrypted servers.

The GASTROFIX-servers meet the strict German regulations pertaining to data protection and security, in particular the provision found in the German Telemedia Act (TMG), Telecommunications Act (TKG) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The data belongs to you - retrieve and download at any time!

Your data is available at anytime and from anywhere. The data is stored and encoded both on your devices as well as in your cloud. You can export your transactional data in GoBD-compliant format at any time by exporting in CSV or Excel format and furthermore store this locally at home.