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Customer loyalty with your iPad Checkout

Get to know your customers better and create extra revenue. It's quite simple with our modules Customer-Loyalty with Customer-Database and the Voucher-Administration. Applications are for example:


The GASTROFIX App 2.0.0 contains the paid module Customer-Loyalty. This module allows you to capture customer-data and evaluate. Applications are:

Terms of reference


Starting point for all Customer-Loyalty options is the Customer-Database. All customer-data are brought together in the cloud and are available at all branches of an operator.

Changes in a branch are transmitted to all businesses via the cloud. The Customer-Database also works locally without an internet connection. The data are cached locally and automatically synchronized after reconnection.

The following data are being recorded for each customer:

Any number of information:


Vouchers are an efficient tool to tie your customers even better or to excite new customers for your restaurant and/or your offer. That's why our Customer-Loyalty module offers a powerful Voucher Administration too.